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Democracy day greetings

It's time to celebrate the arrival of democracy in Nigeria a day that marks the beginning of democracy in our beloved country when governance was recovered from the brutal military government. Here are my greetings to everybody. Read, share and enjoy.

Once upon a time In the past time People have no say In the foundation, leaders lay Since the invention of democracy Freedom to speak has arrived for everybody We are participant in growth of our nation’s economy Now is the time when commands can be objected And can also be neglected Happy democracy day

An end to dictatorship Has boosted everyone relationship Now there is an existence of flexible leadership Bringing more pride to our citizenship No more authoritarianism Goodbye to totalitarianism Governance belongs to all Even without being called We determine the result overall Happy democracy day

The discovery of democracy Mark the exit of ruler’s partiality With an end to a leader superiority


In human history challenges concerning the environment have surfaced right from the first generation of settlers to the newest generation. Although in comparison to ancient times it appears that today the issue has become sophisticated and all hope for the future is lost. Ineffective solutions are established in solving the problems and this worsens the issue everyday. We cannot give up rather we keep our hopes alive. It is no news that the atmosphere is diluted with fumes of highly  toxic gases in which burning of chemical substances, industrial wastes and other forms of human activities have all played major roles in damaging the environment leading to climate change, ozone layer depletion, high radiation, pollution, animal extinction and so on. As the human population increases, the need for survival increases thereby increasing human activities adding to environmental issues. As the adage says that wisdom won’t finish on earth then we go in search of it in heaven implying that the…

Victory rhymes

As we all set out in search of triumph one way or the other never knowing where or when it will originate from however I'm certain with consistency, persistency and determination it can be accomplished with time in this way we ought not to surrender in life, all that is required is additional effort and with time we will get our triumph. Here are simply the victory words to acclimatize with amidst our quest for victory. Enjoy.

I know in my region I'm going to be the champion Over, all evil battalions I will have dominion I'm going to get victory I want to make history Always in my memory To never kill my story

I’m a go getter Striving to make life better I refuse to look back On all past setbacks Through the time of lack I will never ever slack Will always keep moving on I won’t stop until I’m done Achieving life goals Peace be unto our souls

Victory is mine Greatness is mine I can feel the sign That it’s my time to shine <


Some people have given up their dreams to make other people’s dream come true this people deserves to be celebrated there is nothing as good as adding value to life. So thumbs up for those adding value to life one way or the other the words here is for you. Happy Labour Day.  

Welcome to the month called May When we celebrate workers day Not just happy that it is an holiday But celebrating some services to humanity In which work is done in full capacity Time dedicated with all totality To sustain strong nationality Thanks for being a sound personality To this great society Happy workers day

Here comes the first day In the month of May Workers day is here Resting week day of the year We must be aware That the labour of our hero Must not be credited zero We recognize your much dedication In boosting the economy of your nation Happy workers

Since New Year beginning It has not been easy working Brain is always calculating The amount gained through hardworking After months of doing your best Now a day is spared to …