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Easter rhymes

Easter holds gigantic noteworthiness from religious and profound perspective. It is an opportunity to cheer and be happy for everybody, as it helps us to remember goodness and eternality on earth. The occasion praises life, death and restoration of the Saviour. It is also an ideal opportunity to cheer and praise the resurrection of goodness on the planet. One of the merriest time of the year, this sacred celebration is anticipated by everyone. Therefore let us as individuals celebrate and appreciate with family and companions sending them wishes. Below are rhymes/messages to wish everyone happy easter.

Month's ago we celebrated the birth
Of Christ for coming to the earth
Now we stand in remembrance of his death
This resulted into Christianity
Giving us life till eternity
Rejoicing for the good news of salvation
Brought to us through his resurrection
That we may always remember
To celebrate the death of Christ our leader
In a time known to the world as Easter
I welcome you to this time of Easter
Happy Easter

Festive period comes in seasons
But I know it happens for a reason
That is based on history's chosen date
For us to come together to celebrate
Arrived is the season of Easter
When we celebrate the resurrection of the master
Since he died to give us life till eternal
Saving us from the hands of Lucifer
The whole world only true deceiver
Thus I welcome you to this special time of Easter
Happy Easter

Finally welcoming the arrival of spring
Words can't describe the joy it brings
After a longtime of winter
That seemed like being locked in a freezer
Now is the time to prepare for summer
Spring comes with the package of Easter
A season we've all patiently await
For us and loved ones to relate
To achieve the goals of longtime of being apart
Sweet season unforgotten in our hearts
Gladly wishing you a splendid Easter
Happy Easter

Due to diverse perspectives
Easter is differently perceived
The Christian believes
The date is chosen to honour Jesus
For sacrificing himself for us
For our sins to be purely washed
A feast that is moveable
Pattern that is not fixable
Time for children’s bunny and candy
A happy time to be candid
Have a fun filled Easter
Happy Easter

It is another season of Easter
Holy period to do our prayers
Welcome to a season of joy
Cheer yourself up and enjoy      
Moment not permitted to pass us by
Nonstop fun till we are satisfy
Sadness is gone
Pain is no more
I pray for good health
And abundance wealth
Happy Easter

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