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Easter rhymes

Easter holds gigantic noteworthiness from religious and profound perspective. It is an opportunity to cheer and be happy for everybody, as it helps us to remember goodness and eternality on earth. The occasion praises life, death and restoration of the Saviour. It is also an ideal opportunity to cheer and praise the resurrection of goodness on the planet. One of the merriest time of the year, this sacred celebration is anticipated by everyone. Therefore let us as individuals celebrate and appreciate with family and companions sending them wishes. Below are rhymes/messages to wish everyone happy easter.

Month's ago we celebrated the birth Of Christ for coming to the earth Now we stand in remembrance of his death This resulted into Christianity Giving us life till eternity Rejoicing for the good news of salvation Brought to us through his resurrection That we may always remember To celebrate the death of Christ our leader In a time known to the world as Easter I welcome you to this time of Eas…

Ojay - Bless me lyrics

Here is Ojay - Bless me lyrics written in Nigerian Pidgin English mixed up with English and also full English translation of the lyrics

Singer: Ojay Song title: Bless me Language:Nigerian Pidgin English

Original write up
Intro:  E don bless me  Baba God don bless me (2ce) Ojay! Ojay!! Ojay!!!!!
Some days don pass Wey some dey look me down  Dem say I no get level  Cuz I no get ego ooooo You see my life now Transformation in my life  I just wan tell you say [Baba God don bless me now   E don bless me now] (2ce)  Baba God don bless me now

Verse 1: Rap God don bless me  God don show me See my account now, e don plenty Me I just dey go bank, I just dey collect For my life eh, e dey reflect I just dey go I just dey move I just dey go on No one, nobody fit stop me  No be juju Solid like fufu Me I no mind, I just dey go on  Me I no send na, I just dey move on  Wey dem dey (2ce) I no send dem!! Who God don bless, no man can curse Thank u baba God, na ur blessing change my life I just w…