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New Month Rhymes

A new month has come and will soon go it is time to start showing love to our friends, families and to people that we truly love. Here is a new month rhyme/message to all my fans, followers, friends and loved ones. Let share and send to everybody for making it through, it's time to march to greatness and every good things life has to offer. Happy new month to everyone, stay blessed always.

As each seconds mount
To reach a minute count
So as each minute surmount
To make an hour amount
Gradually advancing to days, weeks and month
From day 1 to day 31 leading to a recount
Making it a completed cycle
Unrecognized by life cycle
Because of nature's ability to recycle
Life regenerates into something new
Problems faced made survivors to be few
Amidst principalities you've made it through
I welcome you to a month that is new
A moment to live happily
The paying time of wages and salary
Used to feed ourselves and family
 Honestly, just like drama
Old month died its normal
To you this is my prayer
You will move from shame 
To a position of fame
Greatness will be your name
Places you have received insults 
They shall call you for good results
God will help you from labour 
To a market of favour
Today mark an end to your worry
There will be liberation to your glory
Favour is yours in life
As you continue to strive
Once again welcome to a new month
Among your peers you will be in front
I gladly wish you happy new month  
Thanks for the time taken to read
Blessing is yours as you read

We were made to believe every day is essential
But I can assure you the one that is most special
Day number 1 is my main point from the initial
It occurrence causes a restart
In the revolution of every timely path
Existence works the way it’s design to run
Days stop to count at 28, 30 and 31
Giving chance for new offspring to be born
Then comes the appearance of day 1
Signifying that a new month has begun
And forever it occurs
Just like the ocean
Unending is it motion
From now on, behold
Your life is valued like gold
You shall live long and grow old
Your favour shall be in many folds
Shining brighter than the sun
All your battles has been won
Upon your life there shall be showers of blessed rain
And the removal of life pain
All loss shall be obtained
Endeavours will not be in vain
They shall all yield to gain
I understand it may sound funny
Usefulness is your personality like money
Then in this time of cheerfulness
Surprises will spring up with the best of happiness
I bring to you the good wishes of joyfulness
To enjoy your time in the new month
And to also have all the fun
Once again I’m glad to tell you happy new month.

Months come, months go
Only one thing I want you to know
Just like God's only begotten
It is an experience unforgotten
Like the river flows nonstop
It appearance does not stop
A moment we all look up to
In sending our wishes through
Hope filled minds for everlasting breakthrough
In this new month, we say no to sickness
Unknown is the place of sadness
We'll walk into breakthrough of success
With an indefinite progress
Greater things beyond our imagination
Will begin its manifestation
We have become beneficiaries of good health
As our life ascends to huge wealth
No matter the length
Adequate is our strength
Needed to finish
That which was establish
For us to accomplish
In our home things of joy will never cease
There will be continuous experience of peace
Things will work for us with ease
This is a period to live happily
We reject others pity
And accept others envy
I welcome you to a new month
Happy new month

Stay tuned for more rhymes on ojaygist. 


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