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New Month Rhymes

A new month has come and will soon go it is time to start showing love to our friends, families and to people that we truly love. Here is a new month rhyme/message to all my fans, followers, friends and loved ones. Let share and send to everybody for making it through, it's time to march to greatness and every good things life has to offer. Happy new month to everyone, stay blessed always.

As each seconds mount To reach a minute count So as each minute surmount To make an hour amount Gradually advancing to days, weeks and month From day 1 to day 31 leading to a recount Making it a completed cycle Unrecognized by life cycle Because of nature's ability to recycle Life regenerates into something new Problems faced made survivors to be few Amidst principalities you've made it through I welcome you to a month that is new A moment to live happily The paying time of wages and salary Used to feed ourselves and family  Honestly, just like drama Old month died its normal To you this is my prayer You w…