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Personal Statement

Statement or letter is one of the most essential documents needed for any application be it a job or school application, so the application one is processing determines the kind of letter or statement one would be required to submit with other documents. Thus in this article I will be writing on "Personal statements" which in most cases a letter required for school applications although other applications may request for it but mostly for school applications, however, this article will be more useful to people processing postgraduate degrees and can still assist in drafting personal statement, statement of intent/purpose for other applications.

Steps for drafting a Personal Statement

1. Introduction  
In any standard essay, the first thing the reader wants to see is the introduction of what the essay is based on hence same applies in this case of a Personal statement, introduce by stating the experiences that helped guide you to choose that field during your tender age. Explain your reasons for wanting to study the course and how you're a good fit for the course.

2. Information on undergraduate degree 
Give details of your undergraduate degree with internship and final year project experiences then describe its relevance with the chosen course.

3. Work Experiences 
Describe your work experiences and what you achieved during this working period. In addition, write about voluntary activities you took part in because it is also an experience that helps one physically and mentally.

4. Conclusion 
Write on the assurance of your capabilities and your long term plan. 

Here is a sample Personal statement


I have always had much enthusiasm in the way things work and since primary education, science subjects has been my number one preferred subjects in the sense that I am fascinated by the way science has developed into technologies that are being put into use by humans over the years. Growing up with being enlightened at the same time have succumbed me to the realization that science is a broad field and in deciding a field under science I could remember the moment I carry out my first experiment in which I used 3.0V battery to power a torch light bulb this gave me an insight to choosing a field of science. At a very tender age when I newly heard about power transmission and distribution I used to wonder what it was never known to me that the word heard are things seen around me every day and I can very well say that the taste for knowledge at such an insignificant age has led to my passion for research in electrical/electronic engineering years later.
Sometimes back before my admission into undergraduate programs I decided to participate in training at Roboth Electronics, Nigeria which contributed to an excellent research work in electrical/electronic projects such as inverter, stabilizer, automatic changeover, 12V battery charger, moving message display and many more thereby assisting me in understanding and knowing the basic procedure in designing low voltage transformer that lead to my improvement in major concepts and manipulating complex methods in designing high voltage transformers. This training bestowed upon me the capability to cope with challenging projects such as a 30KVA stabilizer project we completed, it was one of the most challenging projects we implemented this helped me to develop time management, problem-solving and teamwork skills it also helped to direct me in choosing the right field of study.
My undergraduate years at Eastern University, North Cyprus most certainly helped in my improvement into an individual with a strong attitude for excellence. Moreover, the electrical/electronic engineering curriculum consisting of subjects like power system, electronics, renewable energy, control systems and much more serves as a means of learning key software such as Mat-lab, power simulator, Sam software and Multisim. The unique interest I have for electrical engineering in particular with my willingness for the course encouraged me in basing my final year project on Tesla’s coil carried out in a team environment with final year students like me, however, this project enkindled me into grasping some of the fundamental concepts of power engineering. Accordingly, as a usual university practice to undergo internship program I opted for an internship at KIB-TEK electrical company, North Cyprus during my undergraduate years which aided my interest for research work in power engineering. I had the uncommon opportunity to associate myself with significant projects such as electric meter installation, street light installation, electric pole installation which gave me the required exposure in developing myself more in electrical fields and allied fields. These training I received have infused deep confidence in me and propelled me to study the field more and delve more into research.
I believe it is only when academic credentials are complemented with teamwork and other positive qualities that a person’s frame of mind is completely in shape. I had the privilege to tutor other students encouraging them on what to do whenever they needed it, in fact, I also take pride in describing myself as a music composer which I do in my leisure time although this has been one of my hobby since childhood I could remember then in my secondary school days to be the assembly prefect and music leader in my school I would lead the assembly with praise and worship every morning gathering and my testimonial bears witness to that fact. In addition, I have taken part in many activities that have helped to build my team work, time management, leadership skills and problem-solving skills.
Finally, I believe I have the scholastic capacity, enthusiasm and personal qualities that are appropriate to seeking masters study in power engineering at your university’s department of computer/electrical engineering and to pursue a career in this field. If admitted, I would contribute my motivation, personality and determination to each part of the program.

Hey readers, I hope this piece was helpful, stay tuned for more. Thank you. 


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