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Beautiful Birthday Rhyme 2

Remembering and celebrating the day of birth is a thing of joy thus birthdays are special event in one's life that should not be overlooked,  the reason for the celebration is to show gratitude to God for adding and sparing one's life. So if you have been thinking that the day of birth is not special then you're wrong it is actually the time to rejoice, fun, put on your best clothes in fact make it a memorable day for yourself because it concerns you directly not Mr. Valentine's day. In addition I believe that the day of birth is the beginning of a new year in everyone's life because that is when age start counting and one's chapter is started. However if you have friend, lover or family having their birthdays and you wish to reach out to them either by chat, SMS or any other means of communication in which you don't know how to go about it here are lines of birthday rhyme you can send to them. 

                                 Silver or gold I have none 
But I have to play my part in the life of a loved one
Heaven rejoice as hell mourn
That a great personality was born 
Now see what you've turned 
Your arrival caused many to smile
And it took a while 
For you to walk some miles
In building a great profile
Because you're a shining star
Many are gone but you've made it this far
Glory to the creator who brought you this far
Since this is the month you belong
I pray that you shall live long 
And forever stay strong
You shall not be affected by past wrongs
God will fill your heart with joyful songs
Even though birthday comes once in a year 
I believe in one's life it is the beginning of a new year
With much more cheers
I'm wishing you happy birthday dear 
Welcome to a special day of joy
Stress less today and make sure you enjoy
Once again I want to say 
Relax yourself today
Because it's your birthday
With love I wish you happy birthday 


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