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Beautiful Birthday Rhyme 2

Remembering and celebrating the day of birth is a thing of joy thus birthdays are special event in one's life that should not be overlooked,  the reason for the celebration is to show gratitude to God for adding and sparing one's life. So if you have been thinking that the day of birth is not special then you're wrong it is actually the time to rejoice, fun, put on your best clothes in fact make it a memorable day for yourself because it concerns you directly not Mr. Valentine's day. In addition I believe that the day of birth is the beginning of a new year in everyone's life because that is when age start counting and one's chapter is started. However if you have friend, lover or family having their birthdays and you wish to reach out to them either by chat, SMS or any other means of communication in which you don't know how to go about it here are lines of birthday rhyme you can send to them. 
Silver or gold I have none  But I have to play my part in the li…

Love Rhyme (Expression of feelings)

Below is a rhyme for guys crushing on a lady in which reaching out to the crush seemed like a very huge task I will suggest you send or write to them a this amazing message below if you have her contact in order to express your feelings to them. Therefore here is a rhyme you can write and send that will help you express your love for your crush. Read and copy to your crush thus enjoy the fun attached to your request acceptance.

Today I have finalize to approach you Failure to express the emotions I've been through Gave me the courage to begin what I wanted to do The things on my mind you have to be aware Realizing it is important to draw near Without any atom of fear I just have to dare Knowing that a girl like you is rare Convinced fully that together we will share Together we will care Together we will bear. Be my baby girl from there you will be my wife With you I want to spend the rest of my life Your presence makes me feel alive That I wish to be with you even in my afterlife All I'm as…