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Words of wisdom 2

God is capable
Of doing all the things he has promised in the bible
Believe in him and you will be safe from trouble
Lean not on anybody except God
Cos he's our saviour and our lord
Don't just be the hearer of his words
Also be the doer of his words
And you will be saved in this world

God is wonderful
Even with my attitude his been so faithful
And unto me and my family his been so merciful
God with all my heart I am so grateful
Because in all I do you've been so helpful

God adheres strictly to his policies
That he always fulfill his promises
He is called the Almighty
Because he is so mighty
Even after full study
Unknown are his full details
Promises and never fails
Over him no one can prevail
He knows what everything entails
Thus, to him the unknown
Is perfectly and accurately known


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