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Words of wisdom 4

           Every time I look at the mirror and I see the reflection of myself, there is this big question that comes to my mind "What is life" I look through my mind then I realized that the question has an infinite answer. However, the question can only be answered base on philosophical, religious, scientific, ideological, cultural and physical experience or views but generally it pertains to the significance of living or existence. So base on my philosophical, religious, scientific, ideological, cultural and physical point of view I would say:

"Life is like a journey, we started with nothing now we are heading to something. Although the journey seemed very rough and tough but if we are ready we will see the end, it is about getting started with the determination to never quit thus no dreams cannot become reality all you need is to always try your best. Finally, it is never too late to achieve anything in life because when there is an existence of life, there is an existence of hope". 

Nevertheless here is a Rhyme that explain the feels of life in my own point of view enjoy.  

Life is beautiful
To survive is more than being careful 

Only sweet things makes life colourful

But the bad things makes it horrible

Don't rush to live comfortably
So that you don't end up regrettably
In everything just be patient
To easily achieve excellence.

        To sum up, I would like to say life is worth living and every living thing deserves life. Although life is simple but human beings made it complex because of the love of money which is believed to be the root of all evil theologically therefore we must not let complication stop the existence of life in us, so go ahead, live your life, live your dream, have fun and be good to yourself and to others, that is all I have to say. Thank you. 


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