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Words of wisdom 1

In case you've lost hope thinking it’s too late for you to achieve what you ought to have achieved. I'm here to tell you it’s never too late, you can still achieve whatever you've set your mind to do. Here are the words you need to hold on to.

God is great
The one we never rate
The whole universe he has create
The only one that exist without mate
Always loving he never hate
Differences in language
Is not a barrier for him to relate
First to get update
He is never out of date
Enters place with closed gates
Without any need to wait
In this world everything exist with date
With that hold on to God with faith
With faith
Nothing is too late

Although we can’t afford to be poor
But must not break the law
What I know is greatness is sure
As we’re getting older
We will become greater
Poverty is not ours either
We should not be too eager
Cos God will make us bigger
It is our duty to wisely use our sense
All we need is patience
To achieve excellence

Patience is the key
To achieve success easily
With no hurry
Good things happen slowly
Keep up with the journey
And give no room to worry
Sadness does not change a story
It only drawback the memory
Step up your game gradually
And be focused fully
With time destinations will be reached finally



  1. Delay is not denial, He's never too late just on time. I enjoyed reading this piece.

  2. Thank you very much Pebble$. Delay is never a denial.


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