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Words of truth

I am a real lover of rhyme poetry for me rhyming is a great way of effectively using one time especially for the talented folks. Rhyming is not just about writing words that ends with the same sounds it deals with the mind, expression of feelings, imagination, wisdom, knowledge, understanding of something in fact it requires passion and time to compile into readable work.  Here are a few compilations of my rhymes that speak about our journey in life, captivity and encouragement. Enjoy and stay tuned for more rhymes on ojayrhymez.


We are all facing a journey
Which includes making money
Also looking for a lover to be our honey
I know it seemed funny
But it's reality and not something cunning
Put this all together to be somebody
Without it you are nobody


Words can't express the pains
Life captivity contains
Without any attention to complains
One cry will be in vain
Thus, weakness is a captivity
That downgrades one personality
I urge you to stay strong everyday
And be positive always


Beauty is what I write
Original work with no copyright
Not easy to stay all night
Letting words unite
Unsatisfied cos rhyming is an appetite
Nonstop is the brain working like satellite
Let us all keep up the good fight
Cos the future is bright


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