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Sample Interest letter mail to schools(Graduate)

If you are thinking of applying to masters program in some specific field, for instance, the IMDEA programme at maine university, France and many more. Here is a step in starting your application process:

1. Visit the schools website
2. Study the site carefully to know more about the program
3. Check for the application procedure
4. After careful study of the application procedure start your application

In the application procedure you might be asked to contact them through email. Here is a step in drafting your statement of interest mail:

1. Introduce yourself - Tell them
Your name
The school you graduated from
Your cumulative grading point average
And your experience

2. Go straight to the point - Let them know
Why you sent them the application mail

3. Await their response - Let them know
You are waiting for their response
Show appreciation

Therefore, below is a sample statement of interest draft you can use to draft yours and send it to them to begin application process

Dear sir/ma

         I am XXXX (names) a graduate of XXXX university (university name), XXXX(university location), with a major in Electrical engineering(program name). I graduated with a CGPA of 3.35 over 4.00 and I have experience in the university internship program.

         I want to use this medium to make known my interest for the XXXX program for masters in Electroacoustic which was stated as part of the application procedure on your website to contact you through email and also to know the next step to take concerning the process.

         I look forward for your favourable response as soon as possible. Thanks very much.

Full name


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