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Rhyme for desperate, greedy and selfish people

If you are too desperate to make money, selfish and greedy at the same time the words here is for you.

Most of us have been carried away by thought of riches
Few ideas we’ve got in our brain has made us selfish
Hardened to the point that our heart is filled with hatred
So much love that we possess have all faded
Our problems have become so sophisticated
To the point that even though we are highly educated
A working solution cannot be smartly created
All that is needed of us is to free the mind
Allowing love to come into the heart of mankind
With love, everything will start working fine

Try to make a name
In order to be fame
Please don't play the game
That will put you in shame
So that you will not be blame
In your time of reign
Don't make the gain
That will put others in pain

Some have been affected with virus
I don’t mean HIV or other deadly virus
The virus I’m talking about is poverty
They want to affect others with this mentality
Not wanting others to grow from now till eternity
All they think about in their entire life is money
With full desperation to have it by force
Without thinking of the negative effects of the source
Always remember that whatever we sow, we will reap

At this point think deep


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