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Motivational rhyme (Be yourself)

This is a motivational word that speaks about our natural self it tells us to be ourselves and not anybody else because we are special in our own way.


I've looked all around, can't see individuals of my kind
God the maker, made every one of us with our own minds
In this world somebody precisely like me I can't find
We people are so unique
We have our own special techniques
We shouldn't think about the exterior
What we should think about mostly is the interior
Cos beauty is fake and earthly on the outside
The main home of beauty is the inside
Don't let them change you
Don't let them reorganize you
I'm simply telling you to be yourself
Each time let’s attempt to be our self
Cos there is peace in being oneself


Though the shortcomings of this globe
Caused our life disability to cope
But I’m saying with enough hope
That no matter the weather
From one problem to another
We should always try to be better
What can kill us makes us stronger
It doesn’t make us weaker
In any situation you’re in believe in yourself
Don’t believe in anybody else
Only God can help from beginning to the end
Put your trust in God to have an expected end
And he will see us through in life until the end


I’m proud of being called black
Top position is mine no drawback
Forward ever
Backward never
Even colour barrier
Can't wreck me of my carrier
The colour that can’t be framed
It forever remains the same
Honestly, being oneself
With full confidence
Is the peaceful existence


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