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Have you ever wonder about rhyming for your best friends either by talking or texting during his/her birthday and you do not know how to go about it. If so here is a beautiful birthday rhyme that is perfect for your friend.

I'm just trying all my best to reach out to you
Also writing/saying this to see how you do
Hey girl or boy
It’s your birthday enjoy yourself
Give yourself the treatment that you think you deserve
No need to stress today, try to get yourself reserve
With little, little patience make sure you ease your nerves
Looking at your recent pictures I can predict you’re more than twelve
Or getting to twelve (depending on the person) 
Going from a baby to a lady into a woman
Or going from a baby to guy into a man
Look at that child of yesterday becoming a woman
Or look at that child of yesterday becoming a man
That is why they normally tell us back then the young shall grow
Another year to your year bobo or baby you’re adding slow slow
I’m just hoping so much if you would like my flow
It’s been long I’ve been thinking of this I did not let you know
Last time I forgot but this time I won’t let go
Forgetful spirit left me some months ago
In anything you lay your hands upon it must prosper
God will grant you all your wishes and your heart desires
You will celebrate many birthdays and also get older
Once again I want to wish you happy birthday
Have fun it's your day

Go ahead and say it or write it to show how much you care for him/her. I hope you are relieve now. Watch out for more rhymes.


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