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Words of wisdom 4

           Every time I look at the mirror and I see the reflection of myself, there is this big question that comes to my mind "What is life" I look through my mind then I realized that the question has an infinite answer. However, the question can only be answered base on philosophical, religious, scientific, ideological, cultural and physical experience or views but generally it pertains to the significance of living or existence. So base on my philosophical, religious, scientific, ideological, cultural and physical point of view I would say:

"Life is like a journey, we started with nothing now we are heading to something. Although the journey seemed very rough and tough but if we are ready we will see the end, it is about getting started with the determination to never quit thus no dreams cannot become reality all you need is to always try your best. Finally, it is never too late to achieve anything in life because when there is an existence of life, the…

Sample Interest letter mail to schools(Graduate)

If you are thinking of applying to masters program in some specific field, for instance, the IMDEA programme at maine university, France and many more. Here is a step in starting your application process:

1. Visit the schools website
2. Study the site carefully to know more about the program
3. Check for the application procedure
4. After careful study of the application procedure start your application

In the application procedure you might be asked to contact them through email. Here is a step in drafting your statement of interest mail:

1. Introduce yourself - Tell them
Your name
The school you graduated from
Your cumulative grading point average
And your experience

2. Go straight to the point - Let them know
Why you sent them the application mail

3. Await their response - Let them know
You are waiting for their response
Show appreciation

Therefore, below is a sample statement of interest draft you can use to draft yours and send it to them to begin application process

Dear sir/ma



Can accomplishment be separated into steps? It isn't generally that perfect and simple, yet the individuals who accomplish awesome things experience a significant part of the same procedure, with a large number of the things recorded underneath as a major aspect of that procedure. So, on the off chance that you have been battling with accomplishment look through the following. Start to apply them and you will be making a course for accomplishing your dream.
1.Start thinking big 2.Decide on your area of interest and work on it 3.Continue working do not accept defeat 4.Just make sure you stand up to your feet 5.Learn how to balance life 6.Don't be afraid of failure always learn to strive 7.Be prepared to move on always and also learn to survive 8.Have a steadfast determination to succeed 9.Be a man of action and proceed 10.Believe in your capacity to succeed 11.Avoid conflicts 12.Don't be afraid of introducing new ideas just be a positive addict 13.Be real always never contradi…

Words of truth

I am a real lover of rhyme poetry for me rhyming is a great way of effectively using one time especially for the talented folks. Rhyming is not just about writing words that ends with the same sounds it deals with the mind, expression of feelings, imagination, wisdom, knowledge, understanding of something in fact it requires passion and time to compile into readable work. Here are a few compilations of my rhymes that speak about our journey in life, captivity and encouragement. Enjoy and stay tuned for more rhymes on ojayrhymez.


We are all facing a journey
Which includes making money Also looking for a lover to be our honey I know it seemed funny But it's reality and not something cunning Put this all together to be somebody Without it you are nobody

Words can't express the pains Life captivity contains Without any attention to complains One cry will be in vain Thus, weakness is a captivity That downgrades one personality
I urge you to stay strong everyday
And be p…


Here is a sample internship application draft which will help those that wants to partake in an internship program. The reality is that sometimes it is not easy to draft a convincing application letter or mail to these companies but with this sample draft I can guarantee you of an easy drafting of your own internship letter/mail.

Undergraduate internship letter/mail

1. Simple letter/mail

2 Buyide Avenue (street address), Off Kemi road (street road), Ikeja (city),           Lagos(state). 18th March 2017 (application date).

Human Resource Manager, Foods Limited (company name), Agbara, Lagos (company’s location).
I humbly write to express my interest for an undergraduate internship position in your esteem organization for a period of 6 months (internship period). Presently, I am an undergraduate student at XXX University, Nigeria with a major in Electrical/Electronic Engineering (program) thus my current GPA/CGPA is 3.67/3.80 over 4.00.
My undergradu…

Motivational rhyme (Be yourself)

This is a motivational word that speaks about our natural self it tells us to be ourselves and not anybody else because we are special in our own way.

I've looked all around, can't see individuals of my kind God the maker, made every one of us with our own minds In this world somebody precisely like me I can't find We people are so unique We have our own special techniques We shouldn't think about the exterior What we should think about mostly is the interior Cos beauty is fake and earthly on the outside The main home of beauty is the inside Don't let them change you Don't let them reorganize you I'm simply telling you to be yourself Each time let’s attempt to be our self Cos there is peace in being oneself

Though the shortcomings of this globe Caused our life disability to cope But I’m saying with enough hope That no matter the weather From one problem to another We should always try to be better What can kill us makes us stronger It doesn’t make us weaker In any situatio…


If you are an undergraduate student applying to schools for postgraduate studies and you are required to get a supervisor, here is sample email format that will help you start your supervisor search.

Steps in drafting this mail
1. Plans: Off course you wouldn't send an application mail to someone without including your plans, the reason or purpose of writing so you have to let them know why you contact them. Your plan will stand as an introduction in this case then try as much as possible to commend the Professors on their research.
2. Your background information is very important here, let them know what you're doing at the present moment.
3. Experiences: Internship experience is also very important let them know you participated in programs such as internship program or any other program.
4. Attachments: Apart from just writing and sending the write up attaching documents like CV, transcript. certificate e.t.c is necessary for physical proof that truly what you're writing abo…