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Reasoning beyond PDP and APC

The 2019 election is fast approaching and as such we need to analyze the current situation of things in the Country. Basically, the aim of this article is to address the forthcoming presidential election and the hurdles ahead.

First and foremost, let’s begin with the candidates of the two major parties, Buhari of APC and Atiku of PDP. Buhari, the current president and APC presidential candidate is acclaimed to be a man of integrity whilst Atiku the PDP presidential candidate is known for his fame and fortune. Of these two candidates, one is being imposed on us while the other bought his way through as alleged in some quarters. At this time and age, one would have expected one of the numerous intelligent youths with beautiful minds to steer the wheel of this country to the next level. As it stands now, it’s like asking the populace to choose between “pain and sickness”, which one is preferable?.

On one hand, I have heavily scrutinized President Buhari’s achievement in the past 3 years, I…
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Salah deserves the PFA player of the year award more than De Bruyne

Liverpool forward Mohammed Salah and Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne have put up a fantastic display this season in the premier league and as a result became the main contenders for the PFA player of the year award which Salah won ahead of De Bruyne. Without doubt, both players have been exceptional in their performance this season and have rescued their clubs on various occasions, but the big question is who deserves the award more?. I will simply choose Salah over De Bruyne on who deserves to win the award even though some people will not agree with the idea, anyways, judging by their individual performance, team’s quality and consistency Salah slightly edge past De Bruyne and in that regard deserves the award.

Indeed, this is not to show that one is better than the other, but an evidence to prove that Salah deserves the award more this year, moreover, De Bruyne was a major key player behind Manchester City’s Premier League triumph this season. Nonetheless, if we take the …

Finding a better replacement for Arsene Wenger won’t be an easy task

Replacing an outgoing or sacked manager with a better one is something that most football clubs often encounter. This is a situation that often makes the rich clubs splash enormous amount of money to hire a top class manager for the job in order to remain on top, an amount the average club cannot afford. Despite the huge offer, there is still no certainty of winning trophies which often result in managers being sacked again and again before reaching a desired state. I feel this is the same phase that Arsenal football club might likely face as their 22 years running manager is about to go, although since they are one of the richest football clubs in the world it is possible that the encounter will be for a short period provided they are willing and ready to splash huge amount in getting the services of a top manager and succumb to their requirements.

If we review Arsene Wenger’s structure we’ll realize that he’s more of a business oriented manager not the huge spending type who’s just a…

Inability to take chances robbed Bayern Munich of a place in the UCL final

Analysing the UCL game between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in which Real qualified. Aside the mistakes that gave Real the chance to score, Bayern was a much better side in both legs of the ties with plenty of chances to edge past their rival. Despite the chances Bayern were unable to utilize their chances and it robbed them of a place in the UCL final taking place on 26th May 2018 in Kyiv.

Sincerely, failure to convert chances irrespective of whether you play well or not in football can prove costly to a team progress into the next phase and in that regard Bayern are no exception. They couldn’t score with the numerous amount of opportunity they had as a result of their hard work, however, Madrid on the other hand converted every single one that comes their way. This makes it seem like Madrid’s priority is to qualify at all cost while Bayern’s aim was to play better. Bayern wasted too many chances in the first leg and a few in the second leg that could have secured them a place in the…

Arsene Wenger resignation will result into a new era of either worse or better football at Arsenal

It’s been over two decades now since Arsene Wengerassumed his role as Arsenal’s manager and since I grew up to know football as an Arsenal fan, I’ve never experienced anything different with the team’s style of play, managerand tactics apart from the change in players that often occur.

However, I believe now isthe time for the fans and supporters of the club to experience something new, a different era of probably better or worse football at Arsenal since Arsene Wenger has finally called it a quit at the end of the 2017/2018 season, a decision I termed “walk of faith to step down” at least there would be no more “Wenger out” banners. 

This will serve as a new atmosphere and beginning for the club with a new manager coming next season, althoughthere’s always the big question of what’s going to happen next, however, if you keep doing things the same way, don’t expect to get a different result thus I think Arsene Wengerstepping down is a good thing for the club. Finally, even though he’s g…

Liverpool should learn from Barcelona’s mistakes

Liverpool’s incredible form in the UEFA champions league this season is commendable looking at how their front three has been terrorizing opponents coupled with the level of improvement they’ve shown in each and every game which we can conclude in a way that they are one of the most consistent and best attacking pairs if not the best this season even the record they’ve broken and set in the champions league demonstrates their amazing understanding of each other. However, their home game against AS Roma reveals their vulnerability to concede goals easily at any time, meaning they have a weak defence because it was a game they could have ended without conceding and then slipped in the final stages to concede 2 goals to AS Roma thereby keeping Roma’s hopes alive.

Despite that result which goes in favour of Liverpool with a 3 goal margin in the view that they have higher chances of qualifying because of the calibre of players they have, contrary to that, AS Roma may cause an upset if Liver…

President Buhari’s comment on the youth of Nigeria is an excuse for his own failure

I will always say it anytime that Nigeria’s problem is leadership, bad leadership is the major cause of the country’s setback over the years. I believe the reason campaigns and manifestoes was established is to help create awareness on the kind of leaders, the people are about to choose and to assist the leadership candidates unveil their plans to the people, however in this kind of setup or society it is used as an avenue to deceive people with fake promises and in that regard the president of Nigeria is no exception, this is a man who has failed to fulfill a single promise made during his campaigns before being elected into office, but instead have decided to put the blame on the youths of Nigeria by saying they are lazy whereas his claims are not true about the youths.

Furthermore, that comment on the youth is a symbol of defeat by the president on his failure and therefore, in order to make up for his own failures, the youth are the only excuse he’s got, that is why he and his ento…