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Blogging tips for beginners (Part 2)

Simple tools needed for blogging

I know a lot of people must be wondering what tools again is needed for blogging apart from what we already know, yes, it is the tools we are already familiar with, the bitter truth is that some people lack exposure to all this information we know. Some are always comparing blogs and social media to be the same not knowing that blogging has more advantage than social media. I’ve seen someone who wants to use his small android phone as a tool for blogging as a beginner. With my experience as a blogger I knew blogging will be as frustrating as hell for him. Though Androids, Tablets, Ipads and Iphones can be useful tools but it would be more stressful and discouraging for a beginner unless you’re ready to spend for other people with the right tools to help build it for you. Without much delay let me hit the nail on the head. Here are lists of simple tools needed for blogging.

Pen/pencil and book/jotter

Some people don’t get inspired or motivated to type their ideas directly when they’re on their electronics device, an example is myself, until I get hold of an empty book/jotter and pen/pencil then the ideas starts to flow else I would stay hundreds of years without typing anything some people are like that too, so this made pen/pencil and book/jotter all the more useful and needed tools for blogging. No matter how Microsoft and Samsung design their notepads and galaxy notes respectively it can never cause the jotter, notebooks and pen/pencil to go extinct, it will always be useful till the end of time.

Computer (Laptop/desktop)

I always say to my friends that even if Apple should produce the most fascinating Ipads, Iphones and mini-gadgets it can never replace laptops and desktops in terms of certain functionality, for instance, nobody would want to design a website with an Ipad or smart phone, I’m not talking impossibility here but come to think of it who wants to go through such stress of having to pause one program for another when you can simply do it at once meanwhile it is easier to perform multitask operations on laptops and desktops without having to pause one program for another. Although mini-computers may be very useful for an established blogger who has employees working for him/her in times of business or casual trips because they are efficient to carry but for beginners you simply need laptop/desktop to blog without stress.

Internet connection

Internet connection and computers are interconnected they can’t do without each other, you need computer to connect to internet for web access, lack of internet service connection makes it impossible to access your blog/internet. Businesses done on the internet was made possible through internet connection so internet access is an essential commodity.

Without these tools blogging would become impossible to do smart phones, Ipads, Tabs cannot do the job it can only frustrate a beginner’s effort, equip yourself with these 3 tools above before you start, any other tools apart from the one’s mentioned above is an additional tool. Those are the few needed tools I can list for now, you can add your own in the comment box. Thanks.